www.Roku.com/link – Roku Streaming Player Setup


Attempting to set up any kind of new technology can be difficult at best.  Some people spend countless hours trying to figure out how to install a video game on a PC, set up a wi-fi connection to their computer or hook up a blu-ray player to their HD TV.  Even the Roku setup is not that easy.  To start the set up process you will need to visit roku.com/link and enter your link code from your TV.  The site works for the Roku, the Roku 2 and the Roku LT.  Most questions about the set up can be answered at the Roku FAQ page.  If you are having serious problems setting the device up please call them or use the live chat option.

The Roku is a streaming entertainment device for popular services like Netflix, HBOGO, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, AOL HD and many more.  The current price for a basic Roku setup is about $50.00 and includes a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product.  The Roku features 350+ entertainment channels available, hundreds of free movies, built-in wi-fi, built-in HD and is compatible with pretty much any TV on the market.  Shipping for the device is free and the max price is $99 for the Roku 2.  All TV lovers will enjoy this product.