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Simplify your life with the Sears Solutions Mastercard online service.  This popular Sears credit card is issued by HSBC Bank and provides online bill pay services.  A user can also sign up for paperless statements, email alerts and special offers on popular name appliances, electronics and tools like Kenmore, Craftsman and many more.  If you’re a frequent shopper at Sears this card is for you! If you already have the card and are not signed up for alerts by email and phone please do so ASAP.  These alerts will remind a user to pay a bill on time, when credits and refunds are applied to your Account, when large purchases are made or any other unusual activity and you will also get special offers and discounts by email.  Paperless statements through SearsSolutionsMastercard.com are also highly recommended.  Paperless statement can help protect you from fraud and identity theft by reducing the amount of paper with your personal information that goes into the trash can. You can always change back to paper statements if your try paperless statement and decide it’s not for you.  The Online Bill Pay Service will allow a user to set up a scheduled payment up to one year in advance, consolidate credit cards or take advantage of a special promotional rate, view and track your phone and online payment history, receive confirmation emails when payments are made and cancel future payments.  This service is free and incredibly easy to use.

The Sears Holdings Corporation or Sears Roebuck and Co was founded in 1886 out of Chicago IL. by a Richard Warren Sears and Alvah C. Roebuck. They are one of the largest retailers in the world and provide products such as shoes, clothing, bedding, housewares, tools, and electronics.   Popular brand names sold at Sears include Craftsman, Kenmore, Nike and Lay-Z-Boy.