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The Southwest Drink Voucher Class Action Lawsuit is entitled In re: Southwest Airlines Voucher Litigation and revolves around claims of that certain customers of Southwest were unable to use their drink coupons or redeem them.  Southwest Airlines has agreed to settlement amount of $29 million and $58 million despite the fact they claim no wrong doing in the case.  You have to ask yourself why a company would agree to pay that much money if they were blameless.  Makes one think.  At any rate class members in the Southwest Voucher Settlement include anyone whom received a Southwest drink coupon through the purchase of a Business Select ticket prior to August 1, 2010, but did not redeem it for a free drink.  The deadline to Submit a Claim Form in this lawsuit has been set as September 2, 2013.  All objections and exclusion request must be made before April 11, 2013.  A class member can receive a Replacement Drink Voucher for every drink coupon that they report on their Claim Form.  It is estimated that their could be up to 1 million claimants in the Southwest Drink Voucher Class Action Lawsuit.  The court will hold a fairness hearing at the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, 219 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois 60604.  The hearing will take place on May 21, 2013 at 9:30am (subject to change).

Class members who choose to stay in the lawsuit will be represented by Joseph J. Siprut (17 North State Street, Suite 1600, Chicago, Illinois 60602). SouthwestVoucherSettlement.com provides an online claim form and other important court documents to include the settlement agreement and the long form.  A class member can also request the claim form by mail by calling 1-888-288-2153.  The form will have to be mailed back to:

SWA Business Select Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 4109
Portland, OR 97208-4109

If you do nothing and do not exclude yourself you will not receive a settlement and lose the right to sue Southwest over these claims in the future so get on the ball and file a claim today!