www.Starbucks.com/ScoopedCoffeeSettlement – Scooped Coffee Class Action Lawsuit

It is a little surprising to see Starbucks in a class action lawsuit.  This popular coffee company has a good reputation for doing things the right way.  Apparently even the best companies are subject to a class action lawsuit nowadays.  The case is in the jurisdiction of the Western District of Washington before the honorable Chief Judge Marsha J. Pechman.  The lawsuit is entitled Starbucks Consumer Litigation and us case number 2:11-cv-01985.  The lawsuit revolves around claims that Starbucks failed to disclose that it was cheaper to buy coffee beans weighing over 1 pound than it was to buy the same coffee beans weighing less than a pound.  Starbucks has denied all wrong doing in the case but has agreed to settlement terms in order to avoid a costly court battle.  The Scooped Coffee Class Action Lawsuit does not include purchases of coffee beverages or  prepackaged coffee beans.  Class members in the case are defined as anyone who made a purchase of less than one pound between the dates of December 9, 2007 and November 7, 2011.  A total settlement amount of $1,733,025.71 has been suggested and is pending a settlement fairness hearing.  In order to obtain any type of settlement class members must file a claim before December 23, 2013.   If the Court does not enter judgment at the Fairness Hearing or if someone timely appeals that judgment the claim deadline might be extended.  Starbucks.com/ScoopedCoffeeSettlement provides the claim forms and other relevant court documents.

The lawyers representing class members have requested 25% of the total settlement amount.  Class members are being represented by BLOCK & LEVITON LLP c/o Jason M. Leviton.  A settlement fairness hearing will be held on May 24, 2013 at 9:00 a.m.