www.TargetPayandBenefits.com – Target Benefits Center

Target Pay and Benefits allows an employee to check their pay stub and job related benefits.  This service is free of charge and is open to all Target employees.  Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or Netscape Navigator 7.2 is required in order to use the site.  The Adobe Acrobat Reader program will also need to be installed on your computer and TargetPayandBenefits.com functions best with version 5.0 or higher.  All new users will have to register with the last 4 digits of their SSN # and their date of birth.  Returning users can simply sign in with their user ID.  Target offers a wide variety of benefits to include health, financial, social, career and community.  The most popular benefits are health and financial.  Target’s health benefits aims to provide an employee with affordable and high–quality care health care.  Medical, dental, pharmacy, flu vaccines, maternity programs for expecting mothers and Team Member LifeResources, provided by ComPsych.  Financial benefits include a 401k plan, a flexible spending account, childcare discounts for those employees with young children, home mortgages and refinancing, life insurance and 10 percent off your Target purchases.  Please see your local Human Resource Department to determine your eligibility for benefits.  Full time employees will receive greater benefits than part-time employees.

The Target Corporation was founded in 1902 under the name Dayton Dry Goods.  They are currently based out of Minneapolis MN and can be found on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol TGT.  Target employees over 350,000 people nation wide and are known for having great benefits even for part-time employees.  Target is a great place to work for a kid going to college part-time.  Target has over 1500 locations and are located in every state except Vermont… get with the program Vermont!  In January of 2011 they expanded internationally into Canada.  They offer quality products at an average to below average price point.