www.TryWarcraft.com – Play Warcraft for Free!

Tired of hearing all about the World Of Warcraft and feeling left out?  Maybe you just need a new game to play?  Check out Try Warcraft for a free play up to level 20.  At the very least you should give it a try due to the fact this game is pretty much a social icon now.  Plus no credit card or other form of payment is required when starting this free edition.  All you have to do is provide your name and email address and then create a username and password.  You will soon be on your way to being a true WOW newb.  And if you decide you want to continue pass level 20 just make a payment and you can continue playing with your character.  This starter edition is a great way to play the game without a commitment to buy until you determine if your ready to sacrifice you social life for this game.

Please note that under the start edition you will only be able to obtain 10 gold per character, trade skills are capped at 100, you will be unable to trade via the auction house and you will be unable to create or join guilds.  As you can see you miss out on a lot under the starter edition.  If you already know for a fact that this game is for you it is recommended you bypass the starter edition and just buy and install the game.

Once you reach level 20 under the TryWarcraft started edition you are allowed to keep playing but won’t earn any more experience.  If you would like to start over at zero with a new class you are more than welcome to do so under the terms and conditions.  If you do start playing WOW it is suggested you play a Mage or Warrior.  These two classes are by far the most fun.  Mages have the ability to do a great amount of damage from far away and a warrior can do a ton of damage from a close distance.  A warrior also has the ability to take damage, the Mage not so much.  This is one of the best games ever made.  Please get your free trial today!