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If your unemployed in the state of Ohio or are collecting IU benefits check out the unemployment.ohio.gov for more information about Ohio Unemployment Compensation, Ohio Jobs and extended benefit information.  The Unemployment Ohio Government portal allows a eligible user to manage their account on line, update account information, make a change of payment, access a benefits estimator calculator and much more.  If your a first time user you will be asked to create a new account.  Retuning users can simply login. 

Other state benefit information can be obtained such as health care, cash assistance, food assistance, child care, child support enforcement and administration, and employment and training assistance. 

If you need to file for Unemployment Compensation you have three options.  You can file online, call toll free (877) OHIOJOB (644-6562 or apply in person at a state benefits center.  You can file a claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at http://unemployment.ohio.gov.  If you lost your job at no fault of your own you should really think about filing a claim.  Please do not pride stand in your way. 

If you interested in job training and employment services please stop by one of the 90 “one-stop centers” in 20 workforce areas throughout Ohio.  The One-Stops career centers help Ohioans find a job through free job training and other employment services.  They assist unemployed resident with businesses looking to hire workers.  If your looking to be trained for a new profession they can help with that too!  One-Stop centers in your area can be found at http://jfs.ohio.gov/owd/wia/wiamap.stm.