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The Safeco Insurance Company v. AIG Settlement is very complex in nature and revolves around “an investigation by the New York Attorney General and Department of Insurance (the “New York Authorities”) into AIG’s reporting of workers compensation premiums to determine whether and to what extent AIG had underpaid taxes and assessments, including residual market assessments. As part of a settlement with the New York Authorities in January 2006, AIG established a $301 million workers compensation fund (the “WCF”) to compensate any other insurance companies and states that were harmed by AIG’s alleged under reporting and to resolve all of AIG’s liability with respect to these claims.”

If you recieved a notice about this lawsuit you are considered a class member and NWCRP and/or NMWCARP records reflect that you fall within this the class member status. 

Important dates in the www.wcpoolsettlement.com – Safeco Insurance Company v. AIG Settlement  are as follows:

All exclusions and objections must be in no later than October 3, 2011
Notice of Appearance by Attorney are due by  October 3, 2011 
If you would like to appear at the fairness hearing please notify the courts by  October 3, 2011
The Fairness Hearing is set for November 29, 2011

The case is so complicated and complex we do not even fully understand the basis of the case.  Please see www.wcpoolsettlement.com for more information.