www.yourwellsfargomortgage.com – Wells Fargo Mortgage Account


Access your Wells Fargo Mortgage account online and make a payment, update account information, or check a mortgage application.  The site is easy to use and a valid email address will be required upon registering.  Wells Fargo Mortgage Online allows a customer to set up and manage a one-time or recurring mortgage payment at www.yourwellsfargomortgage.com.  Please check out the Frequency menu option to set up a one-time or recurring payment.  One time payments include the the regular monthly mortgage, additonal prinicpal, additonal escrow, and other randomn fees that your mortgage may have incurred.  You can schedule a online payment as monthly, weekly, bi weekly, or twice a month on dates determined by you ( twice a month Wells Fargo will go ahead and withdraw funds on the same calendar dates each month as the two starting dates you select. Each transfer will be one half of your payment amount).  After a payment is made you can see the payment on the Account Activity screen for your Wells Fargo Mortgage.  Most questions or concerns should be directed to the customer service staff at  866-234-8271. 

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is a division of Wells Fargo Bank and is headquarted in San Fransico CA.  They offer other services besides mortgages such as investing, credit card, insurance, and checking/saving accounts.   They can be found on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol WFC.