www.FarmerClaims.gov – Hispanic and Women Farmers and Ranchers Claims

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is the center of the Hispanic and Women Farmers and Ranchers lawsuit claiming alleged discrimination based on being a female, or based on being Hispanic.  The discrimination is in relation to being a women or Hispanic and attempting to get farm loans during certain periods between 1981 and 2000.  Class members of the lawsuit could receive up to $50,000 or up to $250,000 in cash and an additional amount, equal to 25% of the combined cash award plus the principal amount of debt relief, to help pay federal taxes that may be owed.  The total amount set aside for payments under the Farmer Claims lawsuit is $1.33 billion.  To check the status of a claim please go here.  Please be sure to have your tracking and … [Read more...]

www.actosbladdercancerrisk.com – Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit

If you took the Diabetes drug Actos and developed Bladder Cancer anytime after taking the drug you might want to check out this web portal about filing a potential lawsuit against the makers of this popular Diabetes drug Takeda Pharmaceuticals.  According to a FDA Warning those who took the drug Actos for one year or more are 40% more likely to develop Bladder Cancer than those who never took the drug.  A study in France that took place between the years of 2006 and 2009 also support the FDA warning.  Once the study was released Actos was immediately banned in France and other European nations.  Please note that as of right now this is not a class action lawsuit and each individual claim will still retain its own identity.  If anything … [Read more...]

NBA Players Lockout Class Action Lawsuits

  The NBA lockout has gone from bad to worse.  David Stern has to be sick to his stomach right now.  Some NBA players not only are receiving offers to play overseas but now they have filed a class action lawsuit against the NBA claiming David Stern's ultimatums left them no other choice.  This has turned just plain ugly.  The lawsuit is entitled Anthony v. NBA and Butler v. NBA.  The two lead plaintiffs Carmelo Anthony (a star player for the New York Knicks) and Caron Butler.  "The collective bargaining process and relationship have completely broken down, and the NBA players have exercised their labor right not to be in a union," says Butler's NBA lockout class action lawsuit. "The consequence is that any labor exemption to the … [Read more...]

MF Global Class Action Lawsuit

  A lawsuit has been filed against MF Global soon after they announced they were filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  The lawsuit was filed by angry investors who purchased MF Global securities.  The investors claim that MF Global and its former chairman, CEO and New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, violated federal securities laws and artificially inflated MF Global’s stock price.  This resulted in the investors feeling more confident about the stock and its price then they should have been.  The lawsuit is entitled Joseph DeAngelis et al. vs. Jon S. Corzine et al. and was filed by the law firm of Block & Leviton L.L.P who are based in Boston MA.  The lawsuit will be in the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court in New … [Read more...]

Recontrust Washington Foreclosure Class Action Lawsuit Complaint

  Class members of the Recontrust Washington Foreclosure Class Action Lawsuit Complaint include: Homeowners who had their homes foreclosed on by Recontrust.  The lawsuit is entitled: Wendy Douglas v. Recontrust Company The complaint alleges:  That Recontrust Washington, conducted non-judicial foreclosures, while allegedly failing to maintain a physical presence with telephone service, Recontrust allegedly prevented homeowners from having face to face contact with their trustee, prevented homeowners from gaining response time to foreclosure issues, prevented homeowners from making payments in person to stop the foreclosure and insuring that payment was received and acknowledged, prevented certain homeowners from delivering … [Read more...]

American Airlines AA Disability Retirement Benefits Class Action Lawsuit Complaint

  American Airlines has a class action lawsuit on its hands due to complaints over disability retirement benefits.  The lawsuit is entitled Andrea Susan Twitchell v. American Airlines Retirement Benefit Program; Plan Administrator of the American Airlines, Inc. Pilot Retirement Benefit Program; American Airlines, Inc and claims that American Airlines "engaged in procedurally and substantively defective claims determinations to deny claims for benefits, including terminating benefits without receiving information that differed in any material way from the information American Airlines received when they determined that the claimant was disabled, purportedly in violation of the American Airlines, Inc. Pilot Retirement Benefit Program … [Read more...]

HP Office Jet Pro 8500 Defect Class Action Lawsuit

  The HP Office Jet Pro 8500 Defect Class Action Lawsuit revolves around claims that HP’s Office Jet Pro All-in-One printer (8500 series) has a defect that causes the printer to skip pages when printing.  A judge recently refused to dismiss the class action lawsuit.  The lawsuit is entitled Chaim Kowalsky, et al. v. Hewlett-Packard Company, et al and is in the jurisdiction of the United States District Court, Northern District of California, San Jose Division.  Consumers have been complaining for years about this defect and it looks like they might be compensated at some point in the near future.  Judge Koh resides over the case.  He previously dismissed the case back in April but then the plaintiff, Chaim Kowalsky, filed an … [Read more...]

Tri-Cities Lifestyle Center Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

$100.00 or a discounted membership renewal rate is available to class members of the Tri-Cities Lifestyle Center Class Action Lawsuit under the settlement terms.  Class members in the lawsuit are defined as anyone who purchased club memberships (at Tennessee fitness club chain Tri-Cities Lifestyle Center) at guaranteed renewal rates of $75 per individual or $225 to $250 per couple that were not honored after January 1, 2005.  To be eligible for any type a settlement a class member must file a claim form by 09-14-11.  A claim form can be found at www.TriCitiesLifestyle.com. … [Read more...]

Ben & Jerry’s All-Natural Ice Cream Class Action Lawsuit

Is Ben & Jerry's All-Natural Ice Cream really all natural?  That is what the Ben & Jerry’s class action lawsuitand the Breyers all-natural ice cream class action lawsuit is all about.  The plaintiffs in the lawsuit argue that the Ice Cream in question is not truly 100% natural because of the chemical alkalized cocoa powder being used in the product.  Plaintiffs claim they would of never paid the premium price for the Ben & Jerry’s and the Breyers all-natural ice cream has the truth been known.  Ben & Jerry's is a super popular premium ice cream, and also has lines of sorbet , frozen yogurt and other various novelties.  They were founded in Burlington VT back in 1978. Judge Phyllis Hamilton is over jurisdiction in … [Read more...]

National Western Life Insurance Lawsuit Settlement

A settlement amount of $17 million has been agreed upon in the National Western Life Insurance Annuity Class Action Lawsuit Settlement.  The lawsuit is entitled Clark v. National Western Life Insurance Co and revolves around claims that the defendants (National Western Life Insurance)targeted selling annuities to seniors without disclosing that heavy penalties would be enforced if annuity money was withdrawn during a 15-year surrender penalty period.  Approximately 3200 seniors age 65 or older are included in this class action lawsuit.  “The company created the plan to avoid California consumer protection statutes and other state laws that protect, not only the elderly, but all citizens against inappropriate annuity products and sales … [Read more...]