www.PersonalFinanceEducation.com – Online Bankruptcy Education Courses

  If you have recently filed for bankruptcy you will most likely have to complete a court approved bankruptcy class online.  Personal Finance Education online is one of the court approved classes that meet the pre-filing credit counseling and pre-discharge debtor education requirements of Bankruptcy Abuse cases.  Going bankrupt sucks!  Not only does it ruin your credit but it also makes it just about impossible to get any type of loan in the future.  "Yep filed for bankruptcy this morning" are the last word you would ever want to speak in your entire life.  This online course over two types of classes: Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Credit Counseling and Pre-Discharge Debtor Education.  The counseling class cost $30 and the education class … [Read more...]

www.AccessCorrections.com – Access Corrections Send Funds

  Looking to get some cash to a loved one to a Kansas DOC Inmate?  Then check out the Access Correction web portal.  New members will be required to register with a valid email address.. They will also have to provide their full name, address and phone number.  Once signed up for the program you can send money to your family member or loved one online.  All incoming mail and emails are subject to approval by the Access Corrections and can be rejected anytime if the email is deemed flawed.  All services will be paid for using a Bank Card.  You may cancel a Payment if the Client has not yet received the transaction yet. If the payment has already gone through you cannot get it back.  All refunds shall be made within thirty days of … [Read more...]

www.MyTitleSupport.com – My Title Support Services

  My Title Support is provided by FDI and allows a user to obtain a lien satisfaction (proof that your loan is paid in full), a duplicate title (a copy of your title showing your lien removal if paid in full), a state change (support for title activity when you move to another state) and a name change (support for title activity when you legally change your name and want the change to be shown on the title).  The site supports the following lending institutions:  TD Auto Finance, Nissan, HSBC Auto, Infiniti, USAA, Charter One, RBS Citizens and Citizens Bank. A user can also check the status of a lien by providing the lien confirmation number and the last 8 numbers of the VIN.  If your status shows open it has been entered into … [Read more...]

www.BankruptcyCourse.com – Course Certificates in Bankruptcy Code

  The Bankruptcy Course online provides pre filing and discharge bankruptcy certificates.  The pre-filing credit counseling course are provided by A123 Credit Counselros and help when filing for bankruptcy.  The pre-discharge debtor education is provided by A24/7 Bankruptcy Class Inc and is required before discharging bankruptcy.  Both classes can be done online, by phone or in person.  A123 is HUD approved and is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.  Please note that approval does not endorse or assure the quality of an Agency's services. A 123 Credit Counselors, Inc. and A 24/7 Bankruptcy Class, Inc.  are headquartered in Miami FL at 703 NW 62nd Ave (Waterford Way), Suite 220, Miami, FL 33126.  BankruptcyCourse.com is … [Read more...]

Nebraska Inmate Lawsuit Bill Hearing Set

  LB793 - Limit frivolous civil actions filed by prisoners This Friday a hearing will be held to discuss the Nebraska Inmate Lawsuit Bill.  This bill hopes to reduce frivolous lawsuits filed by Nebraska prison inmates.  When an inmate files a lawsuit in the state of Nebraska it cost the tax payers money and a good majority of these lawsuits are frivolous.  A prime example is Mr. Eric Lewis.  This guy is incarcerated on a sexual assault charge and killed Dr. Louis Martin in July 2007 at the Lincoln Regional Center.  Mr. Lewis has filed 149 lawsuit cases between January 2007 and April 2008 most of which ask for protection from guards and fellow inmates.   This bill would protect the tax payers against morons like Eric Lewis.  Mr. Lewis … [Read more...]

www.compass.ga.gov food stamps – Apply for Georgia Food Stamps

  If your poor and hungry in the state of Georgia please think about applying for Georgia Food Stamps online.  If you not sure if your eligible please click on the "am I eligible"  notebook and pencil icon tool to see if you might be eligible for Food Stamps.  You can also check on the status of an application, update your information, and obtain information on other state benefits like Child Care, WIC, Energy Assistance, Food Assistance, Child Support Services, Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services.  Your not alone in the state of Georgia, www.compass.ga.gov food stamps  is here to help. While using this online application please do not  use the Forward, Back or Stop buttons on your web browser and call toll free Online … [Read more...]

www.myflorida.com/accessflorida foodstamps – MyFlorida Foodstamps

  Did you know that Flordia offers food, medical and even cash assitance to those who qualify in the state?  If your a legal resident of the state of Florida and your family needs help with food, financial or medical needs please check out www.myflorida.com/accessflorida foodstamps for more information and to apply. Residents can apply online  or at any Flordia State Benefits service center.  If you file online the entire application will take about 30 minutes to complete.  Once the claim has been filed online a user will have the opprunity to complete a paper version of the application. A person may be asked for proof of the information submitted on the application so be honest and truthful.  Common confirmation questions … [Read more...]

www.fluidnow.com claim weeks – Claim your Weeks at FluidNow.com

  Follow these simple directions to claim your unemployment weeks at the State of Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation website www.fluidnow.com. Make sure you access the Fluidnow.com claim your weeks website between the times of Monday through Saturday  from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. as this is the time of availability.  Please note that at certain times the system might not be available from Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. due to payment processing.  You will need to claim your weeks every two weeks until you find a job or your IU claim ends.  If you find yourself having trouble with the website or have any general questions please call 1-800-204-2418.  You can also find assictance at any of the Flordia One Stop … [Read more...]