www.capitalonetcpaclasssettlement.com – Capital One TCPA Class Settlement

The Capital One TCPA lawsuit revolves around the use of a automatic telephone dialing system (aka artificial or prerecorded voice) in connection with an attempt to collect on a credit card debt.  A settlement fund of over $75 million dollars has been estimated and is considered one of the largest class action lawsuits in the banking industry.  Please file a claim online or by mail if you or someone you know received a automated call from Capital One between the dates of January 18, 2008 through June 30, 2014 regarding debt collections.  All claims MUST be filed on or before November 26, 2014.  The deadline to exclude yourself from the lawsuit (''opt-out'') will be 10/27/14.  The Capital One TCPA Class Action Lawsuit will hold a fairness … [Read more...]

www.moneytransfersettlement.com – Money Transfer Class Action Settlement

Many people use Western Union for money transfers and it appears that a significant number of the transfers that went through Western Union in the United States between January 1st, 2001 and January 3rd, 2013 were not redeemed in 60 days and Western Union did not notify its clients about the matter in fair time. In the case number 09-cv-00938-JLK registered at the District Court of Colorado, Western Union Financial Services, Inc. and The Western Union Company are facing a class action settlement.  The Western Union Class Action Lawsuit is based on whether or not the company notified its customers in a timely manner about money transfers that remained unredeemed. The Western Union Money Lawsuit Settlement aims at obtaining a refund for … [Read more...]

www.sprintsurchargesettlement.com – Sprint Communications Surcharges Settlement

A class action lawsuit has been filed in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia claiming Sprint improperly charged consumers certain monthly surcharges.  The case is entitled Eric Barkwell, et al., v. Sprint Communications Company Website and includes anyone in the US who had a Individual Liable Account with Sprint for wireless services between January 1, 2007and October 8, 2013 and were subject to a surcharge by Sprint.  Please note that the Sprint Communications Surcharges Settlement DOES NOT include  governmental or corporate accounts.  There are two types of settlements: cash benefit and the non-cash benefit.  The cash benefit will consist of "a $1 account credit for a current customer or a former customer … [Read more...]

Da Vinci Robot Surgery Class Action Lawsuit

The Da Vinci Surgical System is the focus of the Da Vinci Robot Surgery Class Action Lawsuit Investigation. This possible class action lawsuit revolves around burns, punctured organs or blood vessels, excessive bleeding and deaths related to surgery by the da Vinci Surgical System. Intuitive Surgical Inc., is the manufacture of this surgical system and the FDA has recently launched an investigation to determine if they are at fault. There has been over 50 lawsuits filed related to surgical mishaps and accusing Intuitive Surgical of selling and marketing a faulty medical robot with numerous design flaws. The lawsuit also claim the company failed to warm patients and healthcare professionals about the risks associated with the da Vinci … [Read more...]

www.Dardarian-OMXSongBeverly.com – OfficeMax ZIP Code Class Action Settlement

There has been a settlement proposed with regard to a class action lawsuit alleging that OfficeMax North America Incorporated both requested and then recorded ZIP codes belonging to customers (ZIP codes corresponding to personal credit cards) at OfficeMax stores in California. This class action settlement is relevant to all customers of California OfficeMax retail stores who used a credit card to make purchases between the dates of March 1, 2010 and February 22, 2011. For those individuals who qualify for this settlement and who also submit valid Claim Forms on time will be eligible to receive a potential award of a $5-$10 voucher which is good for buying products at an OfficeMax retail location. When it comes to determining who is … [Read more...]

www.UltraBatteriesSettlement.com – Duracell Ultra Batteries Cases Settlement

Duracell Ultra Batteries Class Action Lawsuit Settlement written by: Peterwood If you have purchased any Duracell Ultra Power or Duracell Ultra Advanced AA or AAA batteries after June 2009 you may be able to claim compensation under a settlement agreed by the manufacturers in the United States District Court, Middle District Of Florida. The case was brought by Joshua Poertner against The Gillette Company and The Proctor and Gamble Company and involves alleged misleading advertising by the defendants of their Duracell Ultra Batteries. The advertisements claimed that Duracell Ultra batteries lasted up to 30% longer than those of their competitors. Both defendants deny any wrongdoing and stand by the claims made in their advertising. The … [Read more...]

www.SteinfeldTCPASettlement.com – Steinfeld v. Discover Financial Services

A class action lawsuit has been brewing for some time over claims that Discover Financial Services used an automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice program to contact people without the prior express consent as defined by US law.  The case includes anyone who received this type of call from Discover Financial Services on or after November 30, 2007 to September 10, 2013.  If you file a claim and are approved under the propose settlement you will receive a cash payment between $20 and $40.   If you are not happy with the terms of the settlement you will have until January 13, 2014 to file an objection.  If you file a claim you will become part of the settlement class and will be automatically represented by … [Read more...]

www.ArcticIndirectPurchaser.com – Arctic Glacier International Lawsuit Settlement

If you bought package ice from Artic Glacier, Home City Ice or Reddy Ice between the dates of 01/01/2001 to 03/06/13 you may be part of this class action lawsuit settlement.  The Artic Glacier class lawsuit revolves around claims of price fixing in order to make a greater profit by charging the consumer more money for a simple bag of ice.  The defendants have denied any and all actions of wrong doing but have agreed to settlement terms.  A propose settlement of 3.95 million dollars has been offered to all qualifying class members.  A settlement fairness hearing will first take place at the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware on 2/14/14 to determine if the amount of proposed money is fair and reasonable.  The hearing … [Read more...]

www.GeorgiaCashAmericaSettlement.com – Greene, et al. v. Georgia Cash America

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Georgia Cash America claiming the company made improper Payday Loans and charged interest and fees on these loans at amounts higher than what the state law allows.  The case is entitled Greene, et al. v. Georgia Cash America, Inc., et al and is in the jurisdiction of the State Court of Cobb County Georgia Courthouse.  Cash America claims they did nothing worng but has agreed to a $36 million settlement in order to drop the case.  A fairness hearing will be held on Jan. 16, 2014 to determine of the $36 million settlement amount is fair and reasonable.  Class members are not required to attend.  The hearing will take place at 12 E Park Square in Marietta, Georgia at Courtroom 4C.  Class members … [Read more...]

www.KobeClassAction.com – McCormick & Schmick’s Kobe Beef Settlement

What's all the beef about?!?!  Class members of the McCormick & Schmick’s class action lawsuit claims that McCormick & Schmick’s misled consumers and falsely advertised the Kobe beef menu items.  Class members contend that since the menu item contained the word Kobe Beef that the beef actually came from the specific “Wagyu” bloodline of cattle which is isolated in the Kobe region of Japan.  Unfortunately for the customer the United States Department of Agriculture has banned importation of beef and cattle from Japan since approximately May 2010.  As you can see the class members have a right to be upset as this beef was not actually "kobe".  McCormick & Schmick’s has denied any action of wrong doing but has agreed to settlement … [Read more...]