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Many people use Western Union for money transfers and it appears that a significant number of the transfers that went through Western Union in the United States between January 1st, 2001 and January 3rd, 2013 were not redeemed in 60 days and Western Union did not notify its clients about the matter in fair time. In the case number 09-cv-00938-JLK registered at the District Court of Colorado, Western Union Financial Services, Inc. and The Western Union Company are facing a class action settlement.  The Western Union Class Action Lawsuit is based on whether or not the company notified its customers in a timely manner about money transfers that remained unredeemed. The Western Union Money Lawsuit Settlement aims at obtaining a refund for customers and would release the company from any sort of liability.

Am I Eligible For the Western Union Money Lawsuit Settlement?

Any person who initiated a money transfer between Jan 1 2001 and January 3 2013 that was not redeemed by the receiver is eligible for receiving a refund from the settlement. The class settlement has been estimated at around $180 million including interest earned on the said funds for each person.

How Do I Participate in the Western Union Money Lawsuit Settlement?

If the settlement is approved by the court, members of the class settlement will be sent claim forms through which they will get their refund with interest. A deadline for submitting claim forms has yet to be determined. Those who want to be excluded from the class action must do it on or before May 15, 2013. By excluding themselves they keep their right to sue Western Union on their own with regard to claims related to this settlement.

What If I Do Nothing?

Keep in mind that not taking any action with regard to this matter you will not only not receive a refund from the Western Union Money Lawsuit Settlement, but you will also be giving up your right to sue the company on your own with claims that have been stated in this lawsuit.

Although the company does not feel like it did anything wrong, following the Western Union Class Action Lawsuit they will be notifying in a timely manner all of their customers about money transfers that are not redeemed in 60 days.