Polaroid LCD TV Television Class Action Lawsuit

Polaroid is in some trouble over claims that their LCD TV’s were prone to overheating.  The case is entitled Karen Hudson v. Polaroid Corporation and PLR IP Holdings, LLC and is in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota.  The Polaroid LCD TV Televisions were sold at Wal-Mart, Best-Buy, Sam’s Club and Costco and on the Internet according to the lawsuit.

The Polaroid LCD TV Television class action lawsuit states “the TVs’ capacitors to excessive heat and/or excessive voltage, which in turn, can cause the capacitor to fail, the circuit board to shut down and the Polaroid LCD TVs to exhibit problems such as dark screens, smoking and even fire…”

There are two classes in this lawsuit and they are as follows:

The “Missouri Class”:  Includes all persons in the state of Missouri who purchased one or more Polaroid LCD TVs.

The “Multistate Class”:  Includes all persons in United States who have purchased one or more Polaroid LCD TVs.

Plaintiff, on behalf of herself and all others similarly situated, hereby demands a jury trial on all issues so triable. 

Jack of Greenville,SC
made the following complaint statement on Sept. 14, 2010 at consumeraffairs.com:

I bought a 32inch polaroid tv/dvd combo and six months after I had
it tried turning on the tv and nothing would come on. I called
polaroid and they said where your warranty expired about three days
ago and you will need to but the part. So I bought the part after I
could afford the part which was yesterday 09/10/2010 and powered
the tv on and now I have two lines in my screen one horizontal and
one diagnal [sp.]. This is really been a horrible experience and
would never by another polaroid anything ever again.

There are hundreds of similar complaints of consumeraffairs.com and other consumer websites across the Internet.  A copy of the Polaroid LCD TV Television Class Action Lawsuit complaint can be found here.