www.cashbackresearch.com – Cashback Research Unbiased Review


So many website are offering ways to make extra money from home taking surveys online… Cashback Research is one of them.  They aim to provide an additional income stream in exchange for honest opinions from customers like you.  Payments are made by PayPal or by Gift Cards, we suggest collecting your payment via the PayPal method if you sign up and become a member.   A few things we like about Cashback Research is they don’t claim to be a get rich quick scheme and they are also 100% free.  They specifically state that they are a great way to earn a little extra money on the side.

Unfortunately these are about the only positives.  Based upon a few hours of searching through legit reviews and forums about the site on the web we WOULD NOT recommend this paid survey research site.  Our research on the Cashback Research survey program found way to many unhappy customers and complaints about unpaid accounts and unanswered customer service questions.  The final straw that doomed this site was the Better Business Bureau grading of an F.   If the BBB is giving them a F run far far away from that Business.  If you have anything positive or negative to say about www.cashbackresearch.com please note it in the comments below.