www.EndOfAmerica1.com – Is the end really coming?


Porter Stansberry is back with his new website End Of America which appears to be replacing his old New America websites.  This is the same song and dance routine.  Porter is still predicting the end of the stock market and the way of life in the US to come to a “grinding halt”.  He expects riots in the streets, Marshall law and record-breaking arrest.  He states this “event” will be similar to the financial collapse of just a few years ago that almost brought down Wall Street.  Yea yea yea we have heard it all before with his New America advertisements… nothing new here.  If you’re not familiar with the New America websites they are pretty much a long drawn out sales pitch for his Stansberry & Associates Investment Research Newsletter.  The newsletter will cost you $49.50 for a full year. Some key highlights or low lights of the subscription include:

  • The Stansberry’s Investment Advisory report
  • The 4 Investment Assets You Do NOT Have to Report to the U.S. Government research report
  • The 100% Secret – The Easiest Way in the Markets to Make 100% research report
  • The World’s Most Valuable Asset in a Time of Crisis report

Or you can save money by purchasing the 2-year subscription offer for $69.  To be honest this is not a terrible price for an investment newsletter.  Many other investment newsletter will cost 10 times a much and won’t be much better.  However we suggest you look else where before buying this or any other investment newsletter you see on TV or online.