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Digital River is a comprehensive e-commerce solutions business that is used by thousands of companies daily yo help build, manage and grow their businesses on a global scale.  A few company highlights include more than $3 billion in global online sales annually, working with some of the worlds most respected companies including Adobe, Electronic Arts, Kodak and Microsoft and they handle business in more than 180 countries on four continents.  The privacy policy for Digital River is as follows: “Digital River, one of the most trusted names in e-commerce and Web-based technology, respects the privacy of our partners, clients and their customers. Any and all information collected at this site, within the Digital River Commerce Network Server (CNS) and the Database Security System (DSS), is held with the utmost care and will not be used in ways not consented to.”

If you need to track an order placed with DRI please visit www.findmyorder.com for assistance.  A customer can also obtain a copy of the invoice order, tracked the order, change the shipping method, and change the shipping address.  The site is easy to use and is pop up free.