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A class action lawsuit has been filed against E&J Gallo and Constellation Brands requiring a settlement payment of over $2,000,000 for claims that they mislabeled and duped consumers in the United States to buying fake pinot noir.  These wine bottles were sold in stores between the years of 2005 through 2008 and a maximum payment of $21.00 is available under the settlement terms.  The wines were reportedly being sold at $5 to $8 a bottle.  This is unheard of as even the cheapest wine comes in at around $10 a bottle.  This should have raised red flags to the purchasing consumers.  But the Judge in the case blames E&J Gallo and Constellation Brands.

All claim forms must be filed no later than May 24th 2012.  The case was in the jurisdiction of the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County under Judge Carl J. West and is entitled Zeller v. E. & J. Gallo Winery, et al., and Constellation Brands, Inc., et al..  Class members are defined as anyone in the US who bought the following wines  before December 2, 2011 with a label that identifies the wine as pinot noir from France, Pays d’Herault, or Languedoc-Roussillon:

Farallon Pinot Noir 2006
Red Bicyclette Pinot Noir 2005
Redwood Creek Pinot Noir 2005-2007
Rex Goliath Pinot Noir 2005-2008
Talus Pinot Noir 2005-2007
Turning Leaf Pinot Noir 2006
Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir 2005-2008

All claim forms must be submitted under oath.  A settlement fairness hearing will be held on April 23, 2012, at 1:30 p.m to determine if the settlement is fair and reasonable.  All objections and exclusion request to the French Pinot Noir Wine Lawsuit Settlement must be filed before March 9, 2012.  The lawyers representing the class member are Kingsley & Kingsley and Caddell & Chapman.  Please check back for more information after the settlement hearing date.