www.getorderstatus.com – Track Your Order

Track your order online with GetYourOrderStatus as Seen On TV from Moulton Logistics Manager.  To begin you will have to provide your phone number that was given when the order was made.  Please enter your number in the xxx-xxx-xxxx format and click on search.  If you provide the wrong number or are not sure what your number is please try an alternate number or if the problem persists, please contact the customer service team at (800) 777 – 4034.  Moulton Logistics is a global leader in dynamic logistical services industry and is based out of Van Nuys, California which is in the LA area.  They also have a place of business in Charleston, South Carolina, which is close to the Port of Charleston.  Services include direct mail , real-time online inventory data reports, and drop shipping.  The Get Your Order status takes advantage of the direct mail service and allows a user to check where their shipment is at and how much long it will be until it arrives. Moulton operates from a 200,000-sq-ft facility which can easily house thousands and thousands of products that need to be shipped immediately to needy customers.  These products are usually the as seen on TV variety.  Many products can be found on Sunday morning infomercials.