www.JanokaSettlement.com – Veolia Environmental Services Lawsuit

The Veolia Environmental Services Lawsuit claims that Veolia improperly charged and collected a number of fees from customers that were in violation of the law.  The case is entitled Janoka, Inc., et al. v. Veolia Environmental Services North America, et. al. and is in the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court of Barbour County, Alabama.  This case is Civil Action No. 69-cv-2011-900056 and a $15,000,000 settlement fund has been developed that will be payable to class members who file claims pending a court fairness hearing.  Class members can file a claim to stay in the class, remain as part of the class but file an objection to the settlement, exclude themselves from the class or do nothing.  It is recommended that most people file a claim and remain a class members.  A settlement hearing will be held at 9am on December 20, 2012.  The hearing will be held at Courtroom 1, at the Barbour County Courthouse, 303 East Broad Street, Eufala, Alabama.  Class members do not have to attend but may speak at the hearing upon request.  The hearing will be held before the Honorable Judge Smithart.

Class Members are defined as: (1) entered into a written contract with Veolia and (2) paid one or more of the following fees: “fuel surcharges,” “environmental fees,” “administrative fees,” “service charges,” and “ADEM charges” or substantively similar charges which were identified differently;  and/or you had your service rate increased by more than the CPI-U Consumer Price Index, from February 2, 2003 through October 31, 2012. 

If you choose to remain in the settlement class please file a claim no later than 03/05/13.  The deadline to exclude yourself or object to the Veolia Environmental Services settlement is 12/06/12.  JanokaSettlement.com provides the claim form, the long and short form notice, the postcard notice, Joint Motion for Preliminary Approval of Settlement and the Order Granting Preliminary Approval of Settlement.  These settlement documents can be printed from your computer with Adobe Acrobat (PDF).  If you are unable to file a claim online please call 1-888-793-7581 and request a claim form.  Once the form has arrived please mail to:  Dahl Administration, LLC, PO Box 3616,Minneapolis, MN 55403-0616.  The court has appointed McCallum, Methvin & Terrell, P.C to represent the class.