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Life Insurance is always a popular topic in the world of class action lawsuits.  A new lawsuit has been filed against Jackson National Life Insurance Company revolving around claims that they charged a greater amount of money in premiums related to their term life insurance policy.  The lawsuit is entitled Berry v. Jackson National Life Insurance Co. and is in the jurisdiction of the District Court of New Mexico.  Potential class members in the case include anyone who purchased a term life insurance policy or rider from Jackson National Life Insurance Company prior to June 1, 2003, and if, after the first policy year, you paid premiums semi-annually, quarterly or monthly at any time after November 1, 1994.  A total settlement fund of $32.5 million has been developed and is pending court approval.  The fairness hearing will take place at Clerk of the District Court for the First Judicial District, 100 Catron Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501.  All class members who choose to stay in the lawsuit will be represented by Eaves Law Firm, P.A..  If you choose to exclude your self from the settlement please do so no later than November 26, 2012.  A variety of court documents related to the case can be found at the Modal Premium Litigation Settlement website.  Please note that Adobe Acrobat Reader software  will be needed in order to access the documents.  Any questions can be brought to the attention of: Berry v. Jackson National Settlement Administrator, c/o KCC Class Action Services, P.O. Box 43097, Providence, Rhode Island 02940-3097.