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To access your employment benefits with nestle please have your user name and password on hand.  NestleBenefits.com is powered by Mercer and is free of use to all employees of Nestle.  If you have any questions or concerns about Nestle Benefits please dial 1-877-637-2255 to speak with a Service Representative.  The site works best with Internet Explorer (version 7.0 and above) or Firefox (version 2.0 and above).  Once an employee has accessed the service they can learn more about their employment benefits such as base pay, real rewards, health and welfare benefits, retirement and 401k savings, time off and paid holidays.  Nestle salary is based upon data specific to each position as measured in the marketplace and are designed to be competitive with similar jobs in the field.  Nestle also offers short term incentives that are tied directly to your on the job performance.  The harder you work the more you might be paid.  If your not contributing to your Nestle 401k program please start today.  Nestlé USA will contribute $1.00 for each $1.00 you contribute up to 3% of your eligible pay, plus $0.50 for each additional $1.00 you contribute up to the next 2% of your eligible pay, for a maximum employer matching contribution of 4% of your eligible pay.  If you are not take advantage of this you are essentially throwing away money each month.  An employee can contribute anywhere between 1% to 25% of their paycheck.  Nestle also offer tuition reimbursement for qualifying students.

Nestlé S.A. is based out of Vevey, Switzerland and was founded in 1905.  They are considered the worlds largest food company in terms of revenues.  Popular products they produce include:  coffee, baby food, bottled water, cereal bars, tasty breakfast cereals, confectionery, ice cream and other dairy products, pet foods and other snacks.  Price points tend to range between $3.00 to $7.00 per product.  The company was founded under the name Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company and then changed to Nestlé and Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company in 1905.  If your currently seeking employment and have a college degree Nestle would make an excellent place to apply.