www.NewBalanceSettlement.com – New Balance Toning Shoes Lawsuit Settlement

A lawsuit has been filed against New Balance claiming that their toning shoes did not live up to benefits of wearing the shoes and that they violated state laws and consumer protection statutes.  NewBalanceSettlement.com provides court documents as well as the claim form.  Imagine buying a brand new pair of shoes under the belief that they will tone certain muscles only to be told later that the shoes do not live up to the suppose benefits.  Most people should be smart enough to realize that shoes alone would most likely not be enough to tone a muscle, but if New Balance advertises the shoe as such they need to back it up.  The case is entitled Kimberly Carey, et al. v. New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc and is pending out of the United States District Court District of Massachusetts.  The court has assigned the law firm of Ahdoot & Wolfson, P.C. out of Los Anegels CA to represent the class members.  New Balance denies all wrong doing in the case but has agreed to settle.  The court will hold a fairness hearing on January 28, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. to determine if the settlement is fair.

In order to part of the settlement a class member must file a claim form no later than February 25, 2013 and a claimant can submit a claim for each pair of shoes purchased.  The shoes included under this lawsuit include the following New Balance models: Rock&Tone, TrueBalance, Aravon Ria, Aravon Riley and Aravon Quinn.  If you purchased any other previous named shoes between the dates of January 1, 2010 to August 29, 2012 you are a part of this lawsuit class.  A porposed settlement fund of $2,300,000 has been reported.  All objections and exclusions are due no later than November 26, 2012.  The Honorable Leo T. Sorokin will reside over the New Balance Toning Shoes Lawsuit and the fairness hearing will take place in Courtroom 24 at the John Joseph Moakley U.S. Courthouse in Boston, Massachusetts 02210.