www.pncbankingonline.com – PNC Online & Mobile Banking

PNC online banking is free of charge to all PNC customers who have a checking or saving account.  This popular service allows a user to pay bills online, review account activity, transfer money, update account information, contact PNC and much more!  The PNC Bill Pay service is the most popular service as it allows a user to make a payment from the comfort of home.  A user also has the option to set up recurring payments from their PNC checking account.  This tool is simple to use and easy to set up.  They also offer a reimbursement policy that is unmatched in case of fraud.  This policy calls all funds to be 100% reimbursed for any improperly removed funds from your account.  This reason alone is a great reason to take advantage of this online banking service with PNC.  They also 100% guarantee that if you sign the Online Bill Pay Service Agreement they promise your bill will be paid as scheduled.  If for any reason your payment is not made PNC will personally reimburse you for any late fees or interest charges you might have incurred.  Online banking will also allow you to transfer funds between your eligible PNC accounts and between your eligible PNC accounts and accounts you have elsewhere.  Please note that online statements will go back only 72 months, if you need more please contact your local PNC.

Mobile Banking is for customers  who are comfortable obtaining information right from their mobile phone.  Please note not all mobile phone will be able to take advantage of this service and it should be used by those who are comfortable with this type of technology…. your Grandma most likely shouldn’t be using PNC mobile banking.  The mobile options include PNC Mobile App, PNC Mobile Web, Text Banking and Mobile Deposit.  To take advantage of the mobile deposit option your smart phone must be equipped with a camera.  This service like the online banking service is free of charge.  Mobile web will require a mobile web browser and Mobile App. will require a Android, iPhone / iPod touch / iPad, Blackberry, Windows Mobile phone.