www.VSFeedback.com: Victoria’s Secret Coupon Survey


Victoria’s Secret would like you to provide feedback about your most recent store visit by taking part in the Victoria’s Secret Customer Satisfaction Survey online at www.vafeedback.com.  Upon succesful completion of the survey you will be rewarded with a promotional coupon code which you can write on your receipt.  The code can be redeemed for the coupon offer upon your next visit.  The survey is powered by the Service Management Group and should only take about 5 minutes to complete.  The 16 digit validation code will be required to begin.  If you do not have or lost your VS receipt then you are out of luck.  If you would rather take the survey by phone please call the toll-free number shown on your receipt.  You will have to answer a few simple questions over the phone by prompt.

why would you want to take this survey?:  for a Victoria’s Secret Survey Coupon $10 OFF a $50 purchase or more.

take it at www.vsfeedback.com