Oscar Meyer Fat-Free Deli Meat Class Action Lawsuit

The Oscar Meyer Fat-Free Deli Meat lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court Middle District Of Florida Tampa Division and is entitled Kuenzig v. Kraft Foods, Inc.,.  This federal class action lawsuit against Kraft Foods and Hormel Foods claims that the statement that the Oscar Meyer deli meats were 95% to 98% fat-free is false.  According to the lawsuit the defendants used a clever psychological technique to trick customers to trick customers into believing the meats were over 95% fat free. 

The product is actually thought to contain 10 times the amount of fat as advertised!  The deception method has to do with color fonts and sizes.  An example provided in the notice was Oscar Mayer Honey Ham proclaims it is “98% Fat Free · 50 calories per serving,” without further explanation. By juxtaposing the Percentage-Fat-Free claim directly beside, and often linked by a dot and in the same font as the calorie statement, Kraft is strongly suggesting to shoppers that ninety eight percent of those fifty calories are fat free and that only one or two calories, at most,come from fat.  That is a pretty low trick to play on loyal customers of Oscar Meyer Fat-Free Deli Meats.  If you purchased the deli meats in question between April 2006 and the present you may be a class member of the Fat-Free Deli Meat Class Action Lawsuit.  Claimants would not have bought the deli meat if the full amount of fat was displayed on the product in a non deceptive method. 

The class members go on to say “Without exception, people who have earned medical degrees, PhDs, JDs, master’s degrees, and people with decades of real-world experience, including financiers, developers and executives, all have been deceived by [the defendants’] labels,”.  The entire copy of the Oscar Meyer Fat-Free Deli Meat Class complaint can be found here.  The counsel in charge is:

 Aaron C. Mayer
FBN: 0076983
18 Carolina St., Suite B
Charleston, SC 29403