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Imagine working overtime and not being paid for it.  That is exactly what happened to the class members in the McMillan Home Care Workers Overtime Settlement according to the lawsuit.  If you worked for Home Heath Care Worker Employed by Mc Millan’s Home Care Agency Inc. in New York from April 12, 2004 to December 2, 2011 you might be entitled to a settlement payment under this class action lawsuit.  The total settlement amount is $1.09 million dollars.  The workers of this home care facility claimed they worked over 60 hours per week on a frequent basis and were never compensated for it.  Settlement checks will automatically be mailed to Class Members and members are not required to fill out a claim form. Settlement payments will be based upon the number of hours any given worker worked in excess of 40 in each workweek and the total number of shifts the worker worked that passed 10 hours in a day.  The following lawyers will assigned to represent he class members: Abbey Spanier Rodd & Abrams, MFY Legal Services, Inc and The Employment Law Project.  The fairness hearing was held on June 21 2012.  The case was in the jurisdiction of the Court at Supreme Court State of New York.  The class notice and the settlement agreement can be found at the class administrators web portal.