www.lacity-parking.org – LA City Online Parking Ticket Payment System

Parking in the city of Los Angeles is an absoulte nightmare.  A person can drive around for hours without finding a spot within 100 yards of their destination.  Because of this many people find themselves in a situation where they are tempted to park illegally.  If you happen to be one of those people and get caught check out the Parking Violations Bureau web portal for more information about your ticket and how to make a payment.  The site even provides information on what do to if you disagree with the ticket.  It is recommended you just pay the ticket and forget about it as very few parking tickets are ever overturned by the city of Los Angeles.

The most useful tool this service provides is the ability to pay your parking ticket off online.  If you find yourself without the ticket number please call Parking Violations Bureau at (866) 561-9742 to obtain this number.  To make a payment online you must have your ticket number on hand and a valid form of payment.  Valid forms of payments are Visa and MasterCard and a $2.00 processing fee will be charged to your card.  After you have made a payment you will be provided confirmation page.  Please print this page as proof of payment.

It is very important to pay your tickets due to the fact that you will become eligible for the boot with five or more unpaid parking tickets.  Not only will you have to pay all the fines but you will also have to pay $150.00 for the boot fee.  The boot is definitely something you want to avoid.  5 strikes and your out!   If you do not have Internet access you can pay by mail or by phone.  Please note that parking tickets in LA are not criminal violations and you cannot be arrested for the tickets.