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A $3.8 million lawsuit settlement has been proposed to end the Anthem Dental Provider Class Action Lawsuit styled Rutt v. Anthem Health Plans, Inc..  The lawsuit claims that Anthem did not reimburse Dentist (that were a part of the Anthem’s provider network) the full amount of money due under the Provider Contracts.  The time frame of the allege actions took place between April 15, 1996 through April 14, 2002.  The lawsuit is in the jurisdiction of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.  Class members include any dentist who provided dental care to any individual enrolled in or covered by a Dental and/or Dental Plan issued or administered by Anthem Health Plans, Inc. during the time frame mentioned previous.  Anthem has denied all wrong doing in the case but has agreed to settle in order to avoid a lengthy drawn out trail.

In order to obtain any type of settlement amount a class member must file a claim postmarked by 08-09-12.  If you would like to exclude yourself or object to the settlement you have until 07-10-12.  The settlement fairness hearing will be held on 09-13-12 at 10am.  Any questions about the case should be directed to the Rutt Class Action Settlement Administrator toll-free at 800-699-6964.  Please do not contact Anthem about this lawsuit.  The exact amount any individual class member will receive is unknown at this time and will depend of a variety of factors such as how many claims are filed and the amount of time the class member was a participating provider during the class period.  This is Case No. 1:02-CV-22065-FAM.