www.SkechersSettlement.com – Skechers Toning Shoe Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

If you bought Sketchers under the impression that you would drop weight and improve muscle tone in your buttocks, legs and abdominal muscles you could be a part of the Skechers Toning Shoe Class Action Lawsuit Settlement found at www.SkechersSettlement.com.  The lawsuit is captioned Grabowski v. Skechers U.S.A., Inc., and revolves around claims that Skechers were in violation of state and consumer protection laws when they misrepresented the benefits of wearing Skechers toning shoes.  The exact shoes cited in the lawsuit are the Skechers Shape-ups, Resistant Runners, Shape-ups toners/Trainers or Tone-ups.  The lawsuit also claims that Skechers made false claims when stating the shoes actually helped improve cardiovascular health.  The case is very similar to the Reebok lawsuit that the FTC charged for $25 million. The Skechers Toning Shoe Class Action Lawsuit Settlement is Case No. 3:12-cv-00204

www.SkechersSettlement.com is the portal a one should visit if they purchased any of the before hand mention Skechers shoes anytime after August 1, 2008 you might be eligible for a settlement amount.  The settlement amount depends on how many shoes were purchased and the amount of approved claims submitted by other Class Members.  The estimated amount that a member will receive based on the type of shoe purchased is as follows:

$40 – $80 for Shape-ups;
$27 – $50 for podded sole shoes;
$20 – $40 for Tone-ups (non-podded sole); and
$42 – $80 for Resistance Runners

In order to obtain any type of settlement/refund amount you must file a claim form.  To file a claim refund online you will be required to create an account at the class administrators web portal and provide a valid email address.  The entire claim process will take less than 5 minutes.  If you do not have an email address please create one by using any of the free email services available.  Under the proposed settlement terms Skechers will not be allowed to make further strengthening and weight loss claims related to their show unless it is backed with strong scientific proof.  They are also not allow to make any false results related to the tests, studies or research that the Toning Shoe underwent.  Any questions or comments can be directed to the claims Administrator toll-free at (866)-325-4186.