www.prodreg.moen.com – Moen Product Registration

If you’re looking to register your Moen product please sign up online at prodreg.moen.com.  An email address will be required for new users.  If your already a users please sign in with your email address and password.  The Moen Product Registration allows a customer to keep track of their Moen product through both good times and bad.  If your new to Moen shame on you!  You will have to create an account which will allow you to save on Moen products and services.  A user will also have the ability to register products and receive your own customized eNewsletter!  The best of both worlds are at your fingertips!

Moen is the number rated faucet brand in North America and offers a variety of luxury kitchen and bath faucets, shower heads, accessories, bath safety products and kitchen sinks at an above average price.  These products are used for residential and commercial real estate and last forever.  If there is a better bathroom product than Moen we don’t want to know what it is!  If your really into Prodreg.moen it is recommended you connect with them through Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.  The customer service is top of the line and it is fairly easy to return a product.  Moean dates back to 1956 and is based out of North Olmsted, Ohio, USA.  Moen was also known as Ravenna Metal Products back in the day.  Any question or concerns can be directed to the Moan Corporate Office at: 25300 Al Moen Drive, North Olmsted, Ohio, USA 44070.