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The Walmart MoneyCard is an excellent way to purchase products without needing cash on hand.  The Walmart MoneyCard requires no credit check, no background check, is easy to activate and never requires a bank account.  The card can also be used anywhere Visa debit or MasterCard debit is accepted.  The card will be issued by GE Money Bank who is member FDIC and is a world wide leader in financial products and services.  Please note that this card is not a credit card.  Once the funds run out the card cannot be used for any further purchases.  But the card can be reloaded as many times as the user desires.  The personalized Walmart MoneyCard can be reloaded by going to your Walmart cashier and swiping it to load it with cash.  A user can also cash a paycheck on have it loaded on the card.   The only negative about the reload service is that fees will apply.

Other popular features of the card include the ability to use it at thousands of ATM’s across the US to obtain cash, use the card to shop at your favorite online websites, no purchase transaction fees and use the card at restaurants, hotels and gas stations.  The reload fees on the Walmart Money card will be waived if you cash your paycheck at Walmart.  Please note that the $3.00 check cashing fee will still apply.  In case you card is ever stolen or lost you have zero liability fraud and theft protection as well.  Overall this is a pretty good card.

www.walmartmoneycard.com balance