Starbucks Hidden Fee Class Action Lawsuit


The state of Massachusetts authorities recently fined Starbucks in relation to a $1.50 hidden fee charged to customers on small quantities of bulk coffee.  This action prompted a class action lawsuit to be filed against the popular coffee company.  The hidden fee in question was charged to customers when they purchased less than a pound of coffee.  The fee was not stated on customers’ receipts… pretty shady move Starbucks. 

The Starbucks Hidden Fee Class Action Lawsuit states “Customers were not given notice of such a fee prior to purchasing such bags of coffee, nor were they given notice after their purchase on their receipt,” and “It was a completely undisclosed fee that unsuspecting customers were paying at stores around the country.”

Starbucks claims that they charged the fee due to a labor expense of having an employee break open a pre-sealed 1-pound bag to sell.  OK but shouldn’t they have to tell the customer they are charging them a buck fifty for this labor expense?  Starbucks really doesnt have a leg to stand on in this lawsuit.  It is estimated about 75,000 Massachusetts residents had paid this crooked hidden fee.

The lawsuit is entitled Bonnie Kurnick v. Starbucks Corporation (Case No. 11-cv-01985) and is in the jurisdiction of the  U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington.  Starbucks eliminated the surcharge at stores nationwide on November 7 but the damage has already been done.  Class members in the Starbucks coffee hidden fee lawsuit include anyone who purchased Starbucks coffee weighing less than one pound within the past four years.  A copy of the lawsuit can be read here.