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Working as a restaurant manager is already tough enough.  Not only do managers have to deal with unhappy customers, hot food and long hours but they also have to deal with scheduling employees time off, make shift changes when someone calls in sick or having to go back and make a correction when an employee forgets to record important information in their logbooks.  Restaurant scheduling might be worse than actually running the evening rush!  Lucky for managers hotschedules.com what created to make their lives easier. 

“Founded in 1999, HotSchedules is passionate about the fast-moving, high-energy restaurant culture and partnering to help you manage it better.”

Hot Schedules is used by some of the planets largest and most popular restaurant chains such as Applebees, Red Robin, The Texas Roadhouse, Out Back SteakHouse, the Melting Pot, Lucky Strike, IHOP and many more.  Some standout features of this software include the ability to Create a schedule from a template, make a welcome page for all employees, broadcast messages to all employees and get access to a Satisfaction feedback and support forum.  If you have any questions or concerns please call toll-free (866) 753-3853 and a customer service rep will be glad to assist you.