www.MoClaim.mo.gov – Missouri Unemployed Workers

If you lost your job in the state of Missouri please file for unemployment insurance benefit now.  Many people in the Show Me State are struggling to make ends meet because of the Food Stamp President that continues to under deliver on his promises.  If you in this situation please do not hesitate to apply for benefits... and no society will not look down on you as a low life for collecting Government benefits.  MoClaim.mo.gov will provided a person with 20 weeks of unemployment insurance benefits and there is not a charged for using the site.  The application process will take around 30 minutes to complete and a user can also check their Missouri Access Master Card balance, view claim status online, how to find a job in Missouri, find a … [Read more...]

www.AZCourtPay.com – Arizona Courts Online Payment

Looking to make a payment to the Arizona Court?  The Arizona Courts Online Payment service will allow you to do just that.  The service is free of charge and is operated by the state of Arizona.  To make a payment please have your  notice, case or installment plan number on hand.  If you lost your number or do not have a number please check the Public Access to Court Case Information database to obtain it.  Once you have entered the number you will be required to select the case or installment plan you wish to pay if you have more than one.  The notice number will be 10 digits long and look like this example: 01 03724 00134.  The case number will be 6 digits long and may have two letters in front of it, see this example: TR123456 or 123456. … [Read more...]

www.SCWorks.org – SC Works Online Services

South Carolina job seekers owe it to themselves to check out this online state employment service.  SCWorks.org is operated by the SC Department of Employment and Workforce.  Job seekers in the state can create a resume, search/apply for a job, find a suitable training, prepare a basic budget analysis, learn about specific occupations that best matches the seekers skill set, exploring different careers and get general employment counseling.  To search for a job a user can enter any combination of search criteria to include zip code, keywords, Occupation Group, education level, desired salary or job source.  A user perform an advance job search to find employment by job number, employer name, employer size, employer type, hours per week, … [Read more...]

www.flroadsideassistanceclaims.com – AT&T Mobility Road Side Assistance Lawsuit

This class action lawsuit revolves around the AT&T Mobility Roadside Assistance Service made by Florida Consumers from February 13, 2004 through February 1, 2012.  The lawsuit claims the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practice Act was violated when AT&T enrolled consumers into the Roadside Assistance program through a Free-To-Pay Conversion Offer without adequately disclosing the full material terms of the offer.  The road side assistance programs cost an added $2.99 per month and provides drivers help with mechanical failure, battery jump starts, flat tire changes and lock-out support to AT&T mobile customers who signed up for the service.  Class members who qualify should receive a settlement refund 45 days after April 30, … [Read more...]

www.renewalexpress.utah.gov – Utah Motor Vehicles Renewal Services

The Division of Motor Vehicles of the Utah State Tax Commission offers a nice, easy to use renewal online service free of charge to the people of Utah.  Please be aware that Campers cannot be renewed online and they must renew in person or by mail.  To renew in person please visit your local Utah Division of Motor Vehicles.  To start the auto renewal process please have your license plate and PIN number on hand.  These numbers can be located on your renewal notice you received by mail or by email.  Also please make sure that you have completed all the required safety and emission tests and have the certificates or the online renewal process will be rejected.  Finally make sure you have a credit card on hand as it will needed in order to … [Read more...]

eme.ssa.gov – SSA Electronic Records Express

The Social Security Administration provides electronic records request online at eme.ssa.gov.  This service is free of charge but it might take a very long time to get your request.  Currently SSA Claims are taking anywhere between 6 to 12 months to process.  This is not to say that a records request will take that long but it gives you an idea of what you're dealing with.  When making your request please remember that anyone who knowingly and willfully makes any representation to falsely obtain information from Social Security records to be used in a corrupt way could be imprisoned and or heavily fined.   Social Security Administration records can only be used by the holder of the true identity for reasonable purposes.  For example … [Read more...]

www.uscis.gov – US Citizenship Through Naturalization

Dreaming about being a legal US Citizen?  Your dreams can come through with uscis.gov.  This US Citizen services provides forms, laws, resources and information for everything you need to know about becoming an US Citizen.  Some of the more popular service offered are the ability to Renew or Replace My Green Card, Remove Conditions on My Green Card and obtain a Green Card Through Employment.  Adoption and Humanitarian information are also available. To apply for US Citizenship Through Naturalization you MUST file Form N-400, Application for Naturalization to start the process.  You will also want to get ready to take a test.  The test that will be required is the Naturalization Self Test.  A very helpful study guide is available and it … [Read more...]

www.ides.Illinois.gov – IDES unemployment insurance (UI), employment services

  The Illinois Department of Employment Security serves the people, employers and workforce partners in the great state of Illinois.  This department is committed to helping the workforce grow and succeed in the state.  Individual can search for a job, apply for UI benefits, and obtain career related information.  If you have lost your job at no fault of your own, have paid into the UI state program, and are available to work and seeking work it is recommended you apply for emergency UI benefits.  The application process is fairly easy to complete and should take no more than 30 to 60 minutes to complete online.  To make the online filing go faster please have the following items on hand: - Social Security Number and Name - … [Read more...]

www.GetKansasBenefits.com – Kansas Unemployment Insurance Claims

  Unemployed in the state of Kansas?  Need help?  Please visit the Kansas Unemployment Insurance system online to file a claim.  Please note that the online filing system is not available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  A user can file a claim online on Sunday from noon to Monday at 9:00 p.m. or Tuesday thru Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. or Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m..  All times are Central.  GetKansasBenefits is available in both English and Spanish.  You must answer all questions in the unemployment insurance application and failure to do so could result in a rejected claim.  All first time users will be required to create a username and password.  The online claim filing system is pretty easy to use for the most … [Read more...]

www.ctdol.state.ct.us – Connecticut Department of Labor

  Need a Job?  Need to file for Unemployment Insurance Benefits?  Looking to hire some cheap labor?  If you answered yes to any of these questions please check out the Connecticut Department of Labor online website.  User looking to for Unemployment Insurance Benefits can file a new claim online, file a continued claim, file for emergency benefits, check on the status of a claim and update account information. Job seekers can post a resume, search for jobs in the state of Connecticut, apply for training and education programs, and apply for the rapid reemployment initiative which connecting displaced employees to employers who are currently hiring. Employers can search through thousands of online applicants to fill any … [Read more...]